Depalletising ingots

Our clientele includes various foundries in Europe. The following was about the automatic depalletising of aluminium ingots from a Euro pallet. The ingots are then placed in a melting pot and melted down. For an initial test setup, we first stacked the ingots again on a Euro pallet.

The delivered palletised goods are fed to the robot on a conveyor line. A 3D laser scanner arranged on a linear axis now detects the exact gripping position of each individual ingot layer by layer and transfers it to the robot, which picks it up using a suction gripper.

Large-capacity laser welding system

Laser welding has been one of our core competences for several years. We built and delivered an oversized laser welding system for a Hessian machine manufacturer, which can weld special vacuum chambers made of steel up to a length of 9 metres. In order to realise this, a laser room was built around the system. Active laser protection walls guarantee the laser protection. The system is equipped with an ABB robot and an 8000 Watt Ytterbium fibre laser. Translated with (free version)

Compact robot cell

We have developed a space-saving, transportable and affordable robot cell especially for medium-sized companies. The following cell is located at an automotive supplier. The system produces sheet metal parts that are installed in drive systems for electric cars. Four blank magazines are filled with components via a manual drawer system. The centrally located Kuka robot picks up a sheet from one of the magazines and positions it in a servo press, which performs a bending operation. The components are then placed in finished part magazines.

Palletising for winegrowers

We delivered a palletising system for wine and champagne cartons as well as plastic crates to a wine and champagne winery in Rheinhessen. An ABB industrial robot picks up cartons from a conveyor belt by means of a vacuum suction pad and stacks them up to 8 layers high on a wooden pallet. The robot also handles empty pallets by picking up empty pallets from an empty pallet magazine and placing them on the roller conveyor for palletising. Translated with (free version)

Plastic crates can also be automatically depalletised and palletised on the system. Pallets with empty plastic crates are delivered on a second roller conveyor. The robot automatically detects the gripping position of the plastic crates using optical sensors and places them on a conveyor belt. Up to 5 filled crates can now be gripped simultaneously and stacked on a pallet.

Depalletising bags

The handling and depalletising of large and difficult-to-handle components has always been an issue in industry. Until a few years ago, the targeted collection of bulk goods or pallets lying crosswise and crosswise was problematic or even impossible to solve. For many German companies, human labour is still irreplaceable. For the efficient automation of such processes, we offer scanner solutions with our robot systems. Using 3D line scanners, we scan the palletised goods and transmit the gripping positions to a handling robot.

Laser cutting

For laser processing of different materials, we supply a standardised cell concept that can be easily adapted to different applications. The cell can be equipped with various process peripherals, for example for laser cutting and welding. Different workpiece positioners can be used to move the component.

Palletising of gear oils

In the meantime, several mineral oil plants have relied on our technology for their logistics. A manufacturer of transmission oils and brake fluid palletises its products with our robot palletisers. The main task was the automatic setting of pallets including intermediate pallets in the shortest possible cycle time. For this purpose, we developed a special gripper that can safely handle cartons of various sizes by means of vacuum suction technology and can also pick up Euro pallets from the stack. The Euro pallets are brought into the system by the worker in the whole stack. The gripping position of the pallets is precisely determined by sensors so that the robot can grip the top pallet in the correct position and place it on the roller conveyor. Once a pallet has been completed, it is transported away via a roller conveyor.

Robot welding system

Our portfolio naturally also includes the construction of customised robot welding systems in the MIG/MAG and TIG processes. As a rule, we use ABB and Kuka robots and equip them with external axes for positioning the components to be welded. The system shown in the video is already a few years old and welds aluminium elements. As a rule, we use Fronius and Merkle brand devices as welding power sources.

Laser cutting of heat shields

We carry out feasibility studies for various industrial applications. For example, we conducted cutting tests on behalf of a manufacturer of stainless steel heat shields for the automotive industry. Studies are usually preliminary stages before the final order is placed. A robot was equipped with a laser cutting head and a 1000W fibre laser.

Palletising of wooden pallets

For a manufacturer of wooden pallets in various designs, we built a palletising system that removes 100kg wooden pallets from the outlet of a nailing machine and stacks them on a chain conveyor at a defined height and in a defined layer pattern.

Packing line for Organic Fruit Bars

We supplied a packaging and palletising line for a US producer of organic fruit bars. The finished bars are fed into a cycle chain from the left and right via two conveyor belts. As soon as the cycle chain is fully loaded, an ABB robot picks up the bars and inserts them into folding boxes. This continues until the boxes are full. The full boxes are then transported by conveyor belt to a closer and then packed into larger boxes in an automatic packer. Finally, the boxes are stacked on pallets in a robotic palletiser by a second ABB robot, wrapped and transferred to shipping.

Packing gauze bandages

For a renowned manufacturer of gauze bandages, we supplied a robot module for handling and packing bandages in folding boxes.

Packing line for biscuits

A typical application in the food industry. Biscuits, fresh from the oven, run on a conveyor belt. A total of 6 ABB FlexPickers hang from the ceiling and pack biscuits into plastic packaging. Here, too, we work with 2D camera systems to detect the exact gripping position of the biscuits.

Standard laser welding cell

For laser processing of different materials, we supply a standardised cell concept that can be easily adapted to different applications. The cell can be equipped with various process peripherals, for example for laser cutting and welding. Different workpiece positioners can be used to move the component.

Moving leather goods

For a manufacturer of leather and fabric goods for the shoe and automotive industry, we built a system that automatically picks up leather and fabric blanks from a conveyor belt without creasing them and turns them for a subsequent manufacturing process.

Deburring of BMW and Daimler fuel filler flaps

We have recently developed a process that enables us to deburr plastic tank flaps of different geometries using robots. Learn more about this on request.

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