We Create Added Value

Corporate Profile

As a supplier for innovative robot automation systems Rohmann Automation GmbH develop, plan and implement complex automation solutions, from a single cell to a complete production line. We are an innovative and growth-driven technology company in the centre of Germany.

With the help of modern technologies we make processes more efficient and help you to remain international competitive.  Among our content customers we rank nameful manufacturers from the ranges of automotives and aerospace. Since the company was started in 2007, the focus has always lied on automated cutting and joining processes. Meanwhile, we offer a wide range of Solutions in numerous fields of applications along the entire value chain.

At its Ingelheim location Rohmann Automation GmbH develop and realize high efficiency and simple-to-use robot cells, in particular for material processing by using high power fiber lasers. Your challenges fuelling our growth. With modern communication and information processing systems in our machines we help to optimize the creation of value. Rohmann Automation GmbH is a pioneer concerning the strategy industry 4.0. Fully automated position detection and component testing are part of our portfolio as well.

Our optimized solutions are based on several years of experience in automation and robotics. You as a customer are our priority: Your Product – Your Solution – Your budget. Automation and robotics is the competence of Rohmann Automation GmbH.